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Explore our diverse portfolio, which spans various industries and aspects. We provide solutions like e-commerce development/consultation, startup accelerator/venture building, hiring developers/teams, web and mobile app development, UI/UX design, and digital marketing. Our goal is to enhance our client's success through these comprehensive services.

Client Success Stories



An eCommerce website for WOGOM to make it easier for retailers to sell their stuff online. This website is designed to make their online shop experience even better!

WOGOM is a cloud-based platform that provides a catalytic environment for the smooth operation of various business entities.

WOGOM enables retailers to select multiple products quickly and easily. You’ll be able to experience hyperlocal, omnichannel shopping like never before in our new collaborative tech platform.

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A search engine devoted to architecture and design products. Tailored for convenience, Archioo has easy access to your architectural design needs on the go.

Built for Creatives, by Creatives

Revolutionizing the digital landscape, Reorganizing the product sourcing experience.

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Fredo Invest

Fredo is the platform for securing funding for your small business

Fredo is backed by a team of financial experts dedicated to supporting impact entrepreneurs. Striving to become the trusted crowdfunding investment platform.

Fredo welcomes you to join its community. Secure funding for your small business by becoming a part of the Fredo network

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Transforming Lives, One Mart at a Time

In just under three years, Frendy has swiftly evolved, establishing 12 Marts and an extensive network of over 2000 Micro stores.

Serving over 50,000 families across 40 towns in Gujarat, Frendy's impactful financial presence of 82 Crores underscores its commitment. Individuals connect with local Frendy Partners through a unique model, revolutionizing shopping and saving.

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Stay updated on the latest moments of friends, family, and colleagues with the Currently app.

Get to know who is doing what around you right now at this moment.

Share and exchange current, filter-free moments with friends and keep each other updated with everyday moments.

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Surya Electronics

Surya Electronics is an e-commerce platform & an advanced inventory model to elevate the overall business experience.

Based in Pune, Surya Electronics has become a prominent electronics retail chain known for its commitment to excellence.

A wide range of products, from modern televisions and efficient refrigerators to powerful desktop PCs, is designed to meet all your electronic needs.

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Pet Pooja

India’s First restaurant management software solution that belongs to the next generation.

From a small-scale B2B food delivery platform to India’s no. 1 restaurant billing software provider

Next-generation restaurant management software powering 55,000+ clients across 140+ cities.

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Startup conclave 2023

Offer a smooth platform for people to easily explore, connect, and actively take part in the exciting entrepreneurial world!

Global opportunity for Startups

An exclusive exhibition highlighting innovative products and services. The platform provides networking opportunities for investors and startups, fostering a dynamic space for collaboration and exploration.

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Durian Laminates

Durian Laminate is a top-notch brand providing a wide variety of laminate sheets.

Durian combines their passion for client satisfaction with industry and business process expertise to manufacture quality products.

As an Indian distributor of laminates, we at Durian are passionate about prioritizing the needs of our clients. Our success is also their success. We invest in our people and resources, bringing fresh, cutting-edge ideas to life daily to help them live better lives.

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True Care Ny

Making your life easier and more streamlined. Now, getting the Home care services you need is just a few clicks away!

True Care specializes in providing certified caregivers and in-home nursing services, Home care services, and more to promote optimal health and well-being for clients in the comfort of their homes.

True Care was founded in 2009 with the belief that everyone deserves access to exceptional Care delivered with courtesy and kindness. True Care created a home care agency that would provide personalized Care to individuals and families seeking support in managing their health and well-being at home.

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Mobile healthcare association

Mobile Healthcare Association is a membership-focused organization serving mobile healthcare professionals in the United States and Canada.

The Mobile Healthcare Association is a leading membership-based organization dedicated to promoting the mobile healthcare sector.

Their mission includes outreach, engagement, and providing resources for mobile healthcare professionals.

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The Architect’s Diary

Hashtechy built a website that has become the most visited architecture platform in India.

The most visited architecture platform in India.

The Architect’s Diary (thearchitectsdiary.com) is an online Digital Media Publication and stands as one of the Most Visited Architectural Websites in India.

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Southern Bride

A premier wedding resource for brides, providing inspiration and guidance for wedding planning.

Elegance in Every Page - Southern Bride, Your Trusted Bridal Resource

offering brides a rich blend of inspiration and guidance for seamless wedding planning. With elegance woven into every page, it remains a trusted ally in the journey towards a dream wedding.

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The Enjoy Solula

Discover the delicious world of Enjoy Solula, a brand created by Danny & Rigo, offering crispy tostones made from sun-soaked plantains.

Tasty and crispy plantain tostones at Solula!

These tasty treats take you on a flavorful journey from the sunny fields to spice-filled kitchens, guaranteeing a satisfying crunch in every bite.

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Crafting Tailored Technology Solutions

A leading technology solutions provider specializing in custom software and performance management systems.

With a focus on understanding users' needs, Prizma Tech delivers bespoke software solutions for businesses. Established in 2013 as a non-government entity, Prizma Technologies India Private Limited stands as a beacon of innovation in the tech solutions landscape.

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