Is Quality Assurance a crucial part of the Development Process?



October 20, 2023

Every development team aims at fast delivery of their projects as it provides them the benefit of time, to give a proper overview of the website or the app that they are developing.

This wasn’t the situation just a few years ago when significantly fewer organizations practiced quality assurance. “Why is quality control important?” or “Why do we need a QA team?” were popular questions among developers. Quality assurance as a practice is still highly devalued in many organizations, despite the fact that these beliefs are less frequent nowadays.

Leaders who consider quality assurance teams as groups that “simply test software” fail to comprehend the essential goals and responsibilities of the process. In this post, we’ll look at why quality assurance is crucial and how it affects corporate success.

The process of Quality assurance is not just a methodology but it is considered a strategy that helps speed up the development process and as the name suggests it assures a better quality of the projects being delivered altogether.

Why hire a specialized QA staff?

It can seem sensible to expect your software developers to test their own code from a cost aspect. Why spend money on a specialized QA staff when you can save money and get the product to market faster? Facebook and Yahoo are two successful instances of teams that operate without quality assurance. Such a practice, on the other hand, is best suited to companies with highly developed team cultures and a high level of test automation.


You may be missing out on opportunities to improve your application if you limit testing efforts or move them lower on your priority list. Furthermore, the problems may jeopardize not just the customer experience, but also the reputation and stability of your product. The aforementioned tech powerhouses are not exempt from these risks. Here are a few well-known events that were caused by simple oversight by individuals in charge of quality control.

The Importance of QA in Software Development

Saves Time and Money

The benefit of putting systems and processes in place during development is that they anticipate and prevent the majority of errors and defects from ever appearing. As a result, any faults that do appear are minimal and straightforward to correct.

However, without QA, most issues would be larger and would only be discovered during the testing phase or after the application was launched. After the fact, fixing these faults would take additional time, which would increase the cost.

Maintains Product Quality

The purpose of QA processes is to verify that the software product is reliable and stable. There are other Quality Control (QC) tests that check for functionality, performance, security, usability, and other factors.

Furthermore, these tests take into account the possibility that the user will not use the program as intended. Part of this testing is to ensure that the product is ‘idiot-proof,’ meaning that inappropriate use will result in failure. As a result, the final product has few flaws and is assured to function properly.

Ensures Security

While a piece of software may perform all of its functions as intended, it is not always totally safe. The product and the data of its users could be jeopardized if its defenses have any flaws.

One of the reasons that quality assurance is so important in software development is that it ensures that your product is developed with security in mind and that the safeguards in place are functional.

Protects Your Reputation

The quality of your software has the potential to reflect on your business and brand. You may establish a great reputation for your company by delivering a high-quality product with excellent features and thorough security.

This is where the value of quality assurance in software development is most apparent. It ensures that your product is a good representative of your company’s brand.

Customer Satisfaction

Your product must meet the needs of your customers in order to ensure customer satisfaction. It should have all of the necessary features and function effectively. The role of quality assurance is to ensure that the program delivers exactly what your consumers anticipate.

The QA team would specify the deliverables’ features before working through each phase of the development process to guarantee that they were delivered. They then test the software to determine if it runs smoothly and without errors. As a result, clients receive a high-quality product that they like using.


QA analysts are frequently asked, “Does Google have a QA team?”. Yes, it is true! You should, too. A team of specialists stands behind every successful and high-quality product, working to maintain and improve the product’s quality standard and acting as a sentry against bugs and flaws to prevent them from reaching users. A QA engineer questions the developers’ efforts to improve the software by identifying and correcting various problems. We provide dedicated resources for multiple services, Check out our website for customized Hire Dedicated Services



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